| At a glance

Renuda is an independent Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) engineering company with diverse experience and industry knowledge. Since 2004 we have successfully completed projects in the automotive; civil engineering; energy; food; HVAC; oil and gas; process; manufacturing and rail industries solving problems and validating results for internal; external; rotational; multiphase; reactive flow and flow physics.

Independence, flexibility and proficiency in working with commercial and open source software packages allows us to, without prejudice, suggest the most suitable software for the project at hand.

Consultancy, software development and training form the basis of our product offering. Support, knowledge and open lines of communication are the essence of our customer-centric approach and the reasons why we have been successful in building long term relationships with our customers.

Examples of areas where we have solved fluid flow problems include:

  • Water flow from rivers to drinking water for end users
  • Duct optimisation
  • Heat exchangers
  • Internal aerodynamics and porous media
  • Thermal comfort
  • Atmospheric wind and smoke dispersion
  • Steam turbine design and optimisation
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Multiphase flow modelling in petroleum pipe lines
  • Mixers and separators
  • Detonation, explosions and blast waves
  • Heat transfer by convection, conduction, and radiation (thermal and solar)

| What sets us apart?

We are an engineering company for engineers, by engineers.
A proven track record in delivering innovative, cost effective solutions.
Extensive, diverse engineering experience and industry knowledge.
Our independence sets us apart from our competitors.

| Why choose Renuda?

Value for you

We provide value for you by combining strong core technical competencies with a responsive and personal service. This value translates into improved product performance, reduced design cycle times and reduced development costs.


We take an imaginative approach to problem solving. We combine a depth of expertise and wide experience of different problems in many industries, working synergistically with clients to get to the best solution.


We have an innovative approach to CFD; we believe in delivering effective solutions, not simply numbers and analyses. We work with you to understand the situation under review; we select and apply the most appropriate CFD codes.


We choose the most appropriate software for the task in hand; where necessary we can even develop custom code. Our clients enjoy a local, personalised service from Renuda: our aim is to forge long-term relationships.

| CIR Accreditation

Renuda is recognised as an official Research Organisation by the Ministry of Education and Research in France. This recognition grants you access to the Research Tax Credit (CIR – Crédit Impôt Recherche), a tax incentive scheme encouraging innovation, allowing you to off-set R&D costs for eligible projects.