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Years of engineering experience in many different industries gives us the insight to identify and tailor bespoke courses.  Whether you require flexible classroom, on-site or on-line training in the United Kingdom, France or Germany, we offer flexible courses suited to your requirements.

| Training Courses

Salome_CFD Training in Manchester, UK

Introductory Training

A practical training exercise guided first time Salome_CFD users, or anyone new to CFD, through a first analysis using the Salome CAE platform and Code_Saturne CFD solver, from building a CAD model to performing simulations and analysing them using the Paravis module.

Advanced Training

Advanced users were given an insight into Code_Saturne ’s Fire Modelling functionalities and get the opportunity to ask questions and discuss problems relevant to their own specific projects or industries with Code_Saturne developers and experts.  Questions were submitted in advance of the training session and delegates were invited to bring their own cases to the course which proved to be a fruitful excercise.

For more information on this, and similar courses, please complete the enquiry form or contact Robert Hillhouse at info@renuda.com.

| Webinar – An Introduction to Multiphase Flow Modelling in CFD

Multiphase flows are found everywhere, in nature and in industry.  While earlier CFD software dealt mainly with single phase flow, advanced models have now been incorporated in many codes which make it possible to successfully simulate configurations involving more than one phase, whether for analysis or to design new industrial equipment.  However, these simulations, like the physics of multiphase flow itself, remain often complex and it is important to be aware of the concepts which underpin the models and their applications.

This webinar was designed to provide a general introduction to these concepts.  As such, it focused on the physics of the flow and the broad modelling approaches, away from the details of implementation which would be code-specific.  The webinar gave attendees a broad understanding of the topic, helping them to further explore multiphase flow CFD activities.

For a recording of the webinar please contact info@renuda.com

| On-line Training

An introduction to multiphase flow modelling in CFD

An introduction to multiphase flow modelling in CFD

We are planning a series of on-line training courses dealing with the theory of multiphase flow and covering the following topics:

  • What is meant by multiphase flow?
    • Examples of gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, gas-solid, liquid-solid flows in nature and in industry
  • Why does it matter?
    • Some of the implications or added considerations that multiphase flow brings into the modelling when compared to single phase flow: coupling, turbulence, phase exchanges
  • Categories of multiphase flows and modelling implications
    • Dispersed and separated flow
  • The main multiphase flow models
    • Eulerian-Lagrangian: dispersed flow
    • Eulerian-Eulerian: dispersed flow
    • Volume of Fluid (VOF) / Level Set: separated flow

Who should enrole?

CFD Engineers who would like a better understanding of multiphase flow.

| Tailored On-site Training

The advantage of on-site training is that it can be tailored to your specific requirements, as opposed to a generic “off the shelf” course, with the added benefit of reducing participant travel and accommodation expenses.

Not all companies have large CFD departments and as a result we are flexible on the number of participants attending our courses and as a result are willing to negotiate a fully inclusive flat-rate or a “per person” charge.

For more information please contact info@renuda.com.