Renuda delivers varied programming solutions and software applications, based on expertise in coding and program development across a wide range of industries.

The many types of codes and programs Renuda has applied and developed in commercial and industrial projects include:

• Definition, development and implementation of stand-alone, Java, Graphical User Interface for CFD code and connection to
  legacy, F90, CFD solver as a preliminary step to commercialisation. Client-server architecture.

• Development and implementation of pre-processing software for case setup and preparation for industrial turbine
  flow design software

• Restructuring, clean up, validation and additional capability implementation for compressible CFD solver:
   - Boundary conditions
   - Real gas and steam capabilities
   - Flux calculations
   - Outputs

• Development and implementation of table reading and averaging software for detailed kinetic calculations reduction
  for combustion models

• Cleaning up and updating of existing client subroutines for integration in newer commercial code version and parallelisation

• Development and implementation of macros for automatic case setup and tutorial to move to newer commercial code version

• Development of macros for human body modelling in commercial code applications to thermal comfort simulations


| Renuda personnel also have extensive development experience related to polydisperse, multiphase
  and reactive flow modelling:

• Development and implementation of Eulerian and Lagrangian algorithms and models in R&D and commercial codes:
   - Multiphase, multi fluid algorithms
   - Combined Eulerian and Lagrangian methodologies
   - Liquid film
   - Solid particulates models
   - Stripping and droplet deformation models (primary and secondary breakup models accounting for drop shape during flight)
   - Heat exchange and phase change; evaporation, boiling, burning. Liquids and solid particulates.
   - Polydisperse flow models
   - Implementation and integration of surface to surface radiation capability in commercial CFD code
   - Development and implementation of compressible flow and kinetic models for blast and detonation problems 


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