PRODUCTS Development and Commercialisation

Renuda CFD Products: Development and Commercialisation

Renuda develops, integrates and sells user-friendly market ready specialised applications for CFD and other purposes. We are always looking to expand our product line, both for our own use and for commercialisation, with applications which deliver specific capabilities that are complementary or not generally accessible in other software suites.

Through collaborative programs with academic or industrial partners, Renuda jointly develops new applications or brings existing ones to commercial standards for industrial use. Whilst software applications may rest on very valuable technical ideas, transforming them into reliable tools which will be successfully adopted by industry and users beyond their original group or company is a very different undertaking.

This requires a different set of skills and experience than those strictly related to the core functionality of the product. Renuda bridges this gap with experience of scientific software development and consultancy, commercialisation, its access to clients, and means of support and commercialisation in different countries. This process is illustrated in the diagram above.

If you are considering making your own software application available to a wider audience, looking to commercialise an existing private product, or see a synergy between your own and Renuda’s products, Renuda would like to hear from you.

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