Renuda has extensive experience in selecting, working with and implementing the most appropriate software for CFD projects. Renuda can develop and deliver a cost-effective end-to-end full or partial simulation software suite in a single integrated environment for your long-term use.

We offer turn-key solutions using Renuda’s own applications or open source software.

| A different business model: flexible options to meet your needs

Based on a representative example of your needs, Renuda assembles all the elements you require in a complete CFD software suite, delivering files, setups, and methodologies that can be reused and built upon. We also transfer the relevant knowledge via tutorials or training to enable you to make long-term effective use of your software suite.

Or you may wish to begin with an initial CFD consultancy assignment, perhaps to investigate an area where you’ve long thought CFD might be beneficial. Renuda will prepare the software suite and conduct the study for you with software appropriate to your needs. The results provided will enable you to evaluate the benefits of CFD to your company. Renuda will then transfer the software suite to you.

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