Looking to replace your creaking legacy code?


Want to extend your applications to other users in your company?


Need to move to more advanced programming or clean up your codes?


Want to integrate applications which have become too numerous or impossible to manage?

Whatever your CFD programming requirements, Renuda can help you.

Creating the best programs for you

Renuda provides programming for bespoke, third-party, open source, and commercial software. Our commercial experience ensures we know the requirements for codes in industrial settings; our own use of CFD software means we understand the context and purpose of programming towards a coherent system.

Renuda’s solutions are rigorously tested, built on well-defined, version-controlled and clearly specified code.

| Flexible and innovative approach

Renuda has considerable expertise with CFD code, both server and client side programming, and a wide variety of codes from different origins and for varying purposes, acquired in the academic, R&D and commercial environments. This enables us to offer a flexible, tailored code development service to fulfil your more specific CFD modelling requirements and create the most appropriate codes for you.

Click on Code Development: Bespoke Service to access Renuda’s coding development service, offering a range of options from client/server architectures and GUIs, to user coding, coupling, restructuring or adding functionalities.

Click on Code Development: Approach for a more detailed description of how Renuda meets your coding needs and expectations, from specification, code development and testing to delivery.

Click on Open Source Solutions to investigate Renuda’s tailored open source solutions, including customised general purpose CFD codes and adding your chosen models to general codes.

Click on Examples for more information about some of the software applications Renuda has produced for commercial and industrial settings.

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