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If you need to modify, develop or upgrade your computing environment, Renuda can help you

Renuda provides specialised custom programming and modern, innovative software applications
for CFD or other uses. We can develop, expand or upgrade your current software environment
and offer user-friendly, coherent and reliable applications for a variety of purposes. Renuda’s
solutions are rigorously quality-controlled, clearly specified, tested and documented.

Combining expertise in CFD and software development, we have detailed knowledge of user environments and application purposes across a range of industries. Code usability is vital to user acceptance and project success - we know this from the sharp end: Renuda consultants use a variety of codes on our clients’ projects. 

Click on Programming to access Renuda’s programming expertise for third-party, open source, and commercial software, and our bespoke code development service to meet the specific needs of your computing environment.

Click on Software Suites for information on end-to-end simulation suites assembled by Renuda for your own independent CFD studies.

Click on Products to read about Renuda’s own applications for specific industrial uses, and our collaborative development service to bring research-grade applications to commercial standard
and exploit their wider market appeal.

> Contact us if you want to explore programming to develop, expand or improve your
computing environment.

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