Rail Thermal Comfort

Renuda Projects: Rail: Thermal Comfort

Renuda Projects: Rail: Thermal Comfort

|  ALSTOM Transport is a member of the worldwide ALSTOM Group, and is a world leader in the train sector. Passenger and driver thermal comfort is an important issue for ALSTOM Transport that needs to be addressed early in the design stage, as thermal comfort criteria imposed by clients and EU standards must be met. Renuda was commissioned to work with ALSTOM Transport, looking at thermal comfort to produce efficient climate control systems, by:

 modelling the air distribution in the driver’s compartment

• developing a methodology for modelling full scale AGV passenger compartment climate control using perforated sheets for air diffusion

 As a result of Renuda’s work, ALSTOM Transport has completed the first steps in understanding the effect of the human body on thermal comfort. ALSTOM Transport now has access to various human body models, coded by Renuda and coupled to a CFD code, available for use in future thermal comfort simulations.

Click here to access the Renuda Designing for Thermal Comfort case study




|  Increasing its trains' attractiveness is a priority for France's national railway company SNCF, world leader in mobility and logistics. Passengers' thermal comfort in trains is a very important component of customer satisfaction and the subject of Research and Development programs at SNCF. Understanding passengers' perception and improving ventilation flow led SNCF to require numerical models to scale and test new configurations before getting a working optimised prototype. Building on its experience with previous successful projects modelling thermal comfort, Renuda simulated and tested several configurations which led to an optimised solution for a fast, accurate and cost effective result.

 Click here to access the Renuda Improving Passenger Comfort case study.

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