Rail Aerodynamics & Acoustics

Renuda Projects: Rail: Aerodynamics & Acoustics

| Cross Wind Effects on TGV Duplex Aerodynamic Loading

• Validate / improve existing modelling methodology
• Investigate the effect of the Atmospheric boundary layer on TGV
  Duplex aerodynamic loading
• Assess the effect of volume mesh on TGV Duplex aerodynamic loading
• Research the effect of unsteadiness on TGV Duplex aerodynamic loading

TER External Aerothermodynamics (Alstom Transport)

To determine the temperature and pressure fields in the vicinity of ventilation grills of the next generation TER

CFD Software Benchmark for TGV Duplex Cross Wind Studies

To compare commercial software for modelling the aerodynamic loadings on the TGV Duplex in the presence of cross winds.

| AGV External Aeroacoustics (Alstom Transport)

To develop a methodology for modelling full scale AGV external aerodynamics with an increasing level of model complexity;
To identify aeroacoustic sources using the Lilley equation methodology.

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