PROJECTS Process Industry & Manufacturing

The process and manufacturing industries pose a real challenge for CFD as many processes involve physical phenomena with different length and timescales, unsteady flows, flow mixing, chemical reactions, radiation, heat and mass transfer, conjugate heat transfer and moving parts or machinery. 

Renuda has collaborated on a regular basis with two internationally based companies in these industries applying CFD to further the understanding of such flows and to solve real production problems. 

| Typical projects have involved:

• modelling multiphase fluid flows with heat and mass transfer between gas, liquid droplets and liquid films in order to further the understanding of such production processes

• analysis and optimisation of different production processes to reduce solid body erosion and heat transfer

modelling conjugate heat transfer to steel products in industrial furnaces in order to improve product temperature distributions and reduce problems in production processes downstream of the furnace

• modelling and analysing the effect of different gases on heat transfer rates into steel products

• assessing the impact of different burner configurations on combustion in industrial furnaces

• benchmarking leading CFD codes for multiphase flows in furnaces and other devices

For reasons of confidentiality further details and names of manufacturers for some of these projects cannot be provided.

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