As they make it possible to perform simulations on a large scale and to include detailed information, CFD methods can be applied to a large variety of problems relevant to risk evaluation such as problems of chemicals dispersion, leaks, ignition, explosions or flooding.

Simulations can replace or complement physical experiments and phenomenological methods to assess scenarios which would be very difficult or impossible to reproduce experimentally, postulate hypotheses and examine their consequences, evaluate and scan through worst case scenarios, or provide detailed information on key phenomena within a larger event. The information provided by CFD can also be used for structural mechanics load calculations.

As an example of this type of approach, Renuda was asked to perform reactive flow simulations of an explosive device. The first project chose to focus on a detonative assumption for high loading evaluations. This was then followed by further evaluations of the mixing device and, eventually, a redesign which yielded a significant performance improvement

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