Heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC is used in a wide variety of industries to control the thermal comfort of people in offices, shopping centres, trains and underground stations. The use of CFD for this type of application is now wide spread and many studies are conducted on the airflow inside such structures.

This is an area in which Renuda is very active in the rail industry and works very closely with ALSTOM Transport on driver and passenger thermal comfort in trams and trains. Renuda has also worked with a national railway carrier on such projects.

CFD can also be applied to the systems that supply the cooling or heating air for HVAC systems and can be used to model the numerous types of compressor: scroll, piston, etc. that are used to supply compressed air for the HVAC system. In this field, Renuda is continuing to work with a leading supplier of scroll compressors to develop CFD methods that can be used to improve the understanding of fluid flow in such compressors with the objective of improving compressor performance. 

Projects undertaken to date include:

• Analysing and optimising mass flow distributions for air delivery of compressors in parallel

• Analysing the internal “weather” map of compressor motors in order to optimise motor cooling

• Developing a CFD methodology for modelling scroll compressors

For reasons of confidentiality further details and names of manufacturers for these projects cannot be provided.


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