The oil and gas industry calls on a very large and diverse number of engineering disciplines worldwide to find, extract, produce, transport, refine and deliver finished petrochemical products. The move towards first-principles-based CFD methods by this industry is related to its drive towards efficiency and optimisation in very complex, multi-physics processes. Operating in challenging environments is common, from transportation of multiphase mixtures to chemical processing.

CFD can be used very effectively for detailed investigations as part of the design of a novel system or in support of experiments, or on a large scale for entire facilities. It supports or replaces more traditional modelling methods, from upstream to downstream activities.

Renuda’s projects for oil and gas applications have ranged from advising on CFD activities to Flow Assurance and research on Multiphase Flow Modelling.

Where project details are not provided, confidentiality prevents us from supplying further information about the project and the manufacturers.

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