PROJECTS Automotive

The automotive industry is perhaps one of the biggest users of CFD.  In this industry CFD is used for: analysing and optimising external aerodynamics; aeroacoustics; thermal comfort; powertrain; underhood; underbody; ventilation ducting; soiling; rain modelling; droplet ingestion; brake cooling; catalytic conversion, etc.

For some applications, CFD is coupled to other codes to enable a complete as possible simulation of a given system and its physics e.g. engine combustion.

Renuda has completed numerous projects for several OEMs in the automotive industry involving unsteady multiphase flows, flows with conjugate heat transfer and flows with chemical reactions. Two example projects involved liquid film formation and droplet ingestion.

| Project 1: Combustion Chamber Liquid Film Development

Renuda was asked to investigate and understand the processes involved in liquid film formation in a combustion chamber. Models used were 3D, unsteady, Volume Of Fluid multiphase modelling.

| Project 2: Ventilation Duct Water Droplet Ingestion
Renuda was asked to investigate and understand the processes involved in water droplet ingestion into a car ventilation duct; and to propose design changes to reduce this ingestion. Models used were 3D, unsteady, Two phase Eulerian multiphase modelling.

Results are confidential for both projects.

For reasons of confidentiality, Renuda is unable to provide further details of its clients or the projects undertaken.

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