Renuda - an independent CFD engineering company, for engineers, by engineers. After thoughtful consideration EDF signed a multi-year partnership with Renuda to accelerate the development of Code_Saturne, EDF’s Open Source CFD solver, and increase its user community worldwide. The reasons cited for the partnership were; the long-standing relationship between the two companies; Renuda’s independent stance on using Open Source and Commercial codes; software development skills; and knowledge across a diverse range of industries. The research program calls for collaborative development of new functionalities such as free surface flow; extending existing validations to a wider range of applications and industries; the development and delivery of training material; and training to an increasing global CFD community. EDF’s confidence in the partnership bears testament to our resourceful CFD problem solving approach, software development ability and commitment to advancing CFD.

For further information, suggestions or feedback regarding the program or Code_Saturne please call us on + 44 (0)20 3371 1709, +33 (0)4 27 49 26 38 or email us at info@renuda.com



Renuda was recently invited to present at the April 2015 Code_Saturne user meeting hosted by EDF in Paris. The user meeting is a platform for EDF and CFD users to share Code_Saturne case studies as well as an opportunity for EDF to showcase the latest developments for the open source code.
Renuda's presentation illustrated how difficult multi-physic industrial problems have been solved using Code_Saturne as part of an open source chain of CFD analysis tools. The applications presented were; optimising of a waste water purification system in order to minimise system pressure drop and maximise flow homogeneity; multi-species flow for the conjugate heat transfer in an exhaust gas heat recovery unit and assessing the efficiency of a combined coal and biomass power plant under different operating conditions.

For more information please contact us at info@renuda.com or visit the Code_Saturne website at http://code-saturne.org/cms/news/2015-edition-CodeSaturne-User-Meeting-update-program

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