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OCT 2013  

Renuda's Oct 2013 Newsletter higlights innovative ideas with new downloadable case study and insights on HPC and Cloud Computing through articles and upcoming conference talks :

• Join us at the MEW24 and get a great opportunity to find out about Supercomputing
• To outcompete you must out-compute
• Beat the cold and get on board !

and Renuda at the Advanced Engineering Show on Nov.13th

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| JULY 2013
Renuda's July 2013 Newsletter highlights innovative ideas with new downloadable case studies and an exclusive interview with the Bloodhound SSC's Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer, Dr.Ben Evans:

• A 100% CFD designed car : the Bloodhound SSC project
• When compressing costs lead to energy efficiency
• Beam me up !

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| APRIL 2013

Renuda's April 2013 Newsletter highlights innovative ideas with downloadable case studies and exclusive interview with the Head of Business Development, Michael Gleaves, from the Hartree Centre :

• Tunnel Fire Hazard and smoke : where there is smoke ...
• Optimisation of a steam turbine
• Hartree Centre : HPC and next generation of software to accelerate Research and Innocation 

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