CFD is a very powerful tool that can be used for:

| Analysis

| Design

| Optimisation

CFD is fast, accurate and cost-effective.  Alternatives such as prototyping and small to full scale physical models can be time-consuming, physically limited and costly.  With no large capital outlay, CFD can be used for scale-up studies as well as in circumstances where it is difficult or even impossible to test through experimentation.  

Using CFD can help you to:

• Understand, improve and optimise your systems, designs and processes
• Improve product quality and performance
• Speed up development and reduce time to market
• Increase safety and efficiency


For existing systems, CFD simulations make it possible to understand the processes taking place, evaluate the relative importance of physical phenomena, predict performance, and validate systems in conjunction with experimental or field data. 


For design and optimisation purposes, CFD analyses can be used in the design process to refine a design progressively, from concept to industrial configuration. Using CFD also enables evaluation of matrices of design and operating conditions changes.

With refined numerical algorithms for increased accuracy and solution speed, constant advances in computing power and visualisation, and the development of multi-processor solution techniques, CFD’s high-fidelity results are now acknowledged and applied by an increasing number of industries, from appliances to risk.

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