Renuda consultants have fundamental, theoretical and practical knowledge of a wide range of flow and energy transfer physics. Whilst for the purpose of simulation and analysis, problems must be broken down into their main components, in reality multiple and diverse phenomena may be important together, in different parts or at different times. Renuda’s fluency in a wide array of flow and energy transfer phenomena allows us to deliver the correct simulations and analyses. Renuda offers complete and effective studies backed up by extensive understanding and encompassing all necessary features.

Renuda projects routinely involve:

• Steady state and transient, time-resolved flow
• Stationary and moving bodies
• Rotational flow
• Incompressible, slow flows, and fast moving, compressible flow
• Highly viscous, laminar, inviscid, and turbulent flow
• Single phase and multiphase flow
• Conjugate heat transfer through solids, coupled with thermal exchanges in the fluids
• Heat transfer by convection, conduction, and radiation (thermal and solar)
• Porous media
• Buoyant flow
• Multi-species flow
• Reactive flow


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