CFD ANALYSES Applications

Renuda delivers solutions across a wide range of industries, based on extensive fundamental knowledge of flow physics and simulations methods. The many types of applications Renuda has applied to industrial projects include:


• Duct optimisation
• Heat exchangers
• Internal aerodynamics and porous media
• Compressor inlet and valves optimisation
• Thermal comfort of transportation systems: cars, trams, trains and offices
   - Heat ventilation and cooling: ducts, fans, vanes
   - Heat transfer by convection, conduction and radiation, including solar radiation
   - Human body models including effects of perspiration and clothing


• External aerodynamics of vehicles
• Atmospheric wind with Atmospheric Boundary Layer modelling
• Smoke dispersion in the atmosphere and within constructions


• Design and optimisation of steam turbine
• Pumps and compressors


• Water phase extraction from wet steam in power plants
• Rain impact and vehicle soiling
• Liquid film stripping
• Multiphase flow modelling in petroleum pipe lines
• Mixers and separators


• Injection systems: convection and diffusion of gaseous chemical species
• Pollutants formation and motion
• Smoke dispersion
• Detonation, explosions and blast waves


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