Need to calculate your system performance?
Want to investigate the effect of changes to the geometry or operating conditions of your system?


Want a detailed validation of a design as part of a bid?
Need to ensure that your product performs to requirements, norms, and regulations?


Used to CFD but tackling unfamiliar flow physics?
In need of additional resources?

Whatever your needs in CFD, Renuda can help you.


| From studies to better performance

Renuda carries out end-to-end fluid and thermal flow CFD analyses, from CAD data to design analysis, followed by optimisation if required. Renuda’s CFD solutions can also be used to perform mechanical analyses. Renuda is independent of any software provider; analyses are carried out with the most appropriate software applications, either client-specified or chosen by Renuda as best for the task. 

Renuda’s expertise in a broad range of physics, applied to different types of physical applications across many industries, enables us to tackle problems effectively. Because we work in a wide variety of areas, we provide a comprehensive approach using all the knowledge at our disposal. Renuda analyses fully leverage CFD capabilities for your project. Results can be integrated into your engineering design chain or shared with other teams to extract the maximum benefit from the CFD calculations.

| Beyond analyses to knowledge transfer

To deliver the maximum level of knowledge to clients, Renuda can provide reusable studies and setups that can be built on to make effective long-term use of CFD.

Click on Applications for examples across many industries where Renuda has successfully applied technical experience and CFD expertise to projects.

Click on Flow Physics to read more about the range of flow and thermal physics involved in the complex problems Renuda tackles.

Click on Simulations Methods for information on the wide variety of specialised CFD software Renuda uses, from major commercial packages and open source software, to client in-house applications and Renuda’s own applications.

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