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We have a long standing working relationship with the largest worldwide electricity producer and its different business units.  Together with EDF R&D, we help develop their flagship open-source, 3D general CFD software, Code_Saturne, working in the framework of a research partnership to expand, validate and inform about the code within and outside of EDF.  Over and above our involvement with Code_Saturne we are co-developing a through flow turbine performance prediction code for rapid turbine analysis.

Working with other departments, we provide our expertise in fluid mechanics and heat transfer to perform numerical studies in relation to the nuclear industry, from building ventilation and contaminant dispersion, to fires and accidental scenarios, and performance of individual components.

Renuda works closely with Constelcom to efficiently carry out a large number of calculations and simulations over large domains using the supercomputers at the Hartree Centre.  Through Constelcom’s secure and direct access platform to the Hartree systems, we are able to make the most of High Performance Computing (HPC) for CFD, using open source or commercial software and provide best-in-kind performance, performing simulations on some of the world’s fastest supercomputers.  This makes it possible for Renuda to provide increased optimisation and study complex models, basing performance studies on parameter sweeps and removing mesh size restrictions.

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