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Renuda is an independent Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) engineering company with diverse experience and industry knowledge. Since 2004 we have successfully completed projects in the automotive; civil engineering; energy; food; HVAC; oil and gas; process; manufacturing and rail industries, solving problems and validating results for internal; external; rotational; multiphase; reactive flow and flow physics.

Independence, flexibility and proficiency in working with commercial and open source software packages allows us to, without prejudice, suggest the most suitable software for the project at hand.

Consultancy, software development and training form the basis of our product offering. Support, knowledge and open lines of communication are the essence of our customer-centric approach and the reasons why we have long-standing relationships with our customers.

We promise to provide value-added solutions and deliver projects on time and within budget.

Solving fluid flow problems for a range of industrial applications, physical modelling and numerical methods knowledge are the cornerstones of our longevity. Independence, flexibility and proficiency in working with commercial and open source software packages are at the core of our success.


We provide custom programming and innovative software applications primarily for, but not restricted to, CFD. Offering user-friendly, coherent and reliable applications for a variety of purposes our expertise extends to developing, expanding or upgrading existing software.


Years of engineering experience and the ability to work with open source as well as commercial codes has given us the insight to design bespoke on-site training courses tailored to your industry, London based classroom courses and on-line training.

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